North Caddo Rebels beat St Mary in OT

north caddo rebels beat st mary
By: Joey Grappe
Natchitoches, Louisiana- Leaving 12 players back at the field house, the Rebels had a hard fight against the Tigers. The Rebels started the game without LJ Dixon and Jayden Carter. However, they finished with a 14-13 overtime win over St Mary.

North Caddo Rebels head coach Coach Johnny Kavanaugh would call on some younger players to step up and fill the gaps. Harry Turpin Stadium was the venue for Friday’s match up.
Rebels scored first from a 7 yard run by Chasen Carnes. Conversion failed. Tigers answered in second quarter with a TD. Point after failed.
The offense spent a lot of time with bad field position; sometimes pinned deep in their own territory.

Rebels played great on defense

The defense fought hard and held the Tigers to only one TD.
Regulation ended with a 6-6 tie. The Tigers won the toss and had first chance to score in OT. In the second play the Tigers found the emdzone and the eighth grader for the Tigers kicked the extra point.
As the Rebels took the field for their attempt, Charzay Morris, who was pulled in the third to get some rest, came back into the game. After the game Coach K said he could see the game was headed for overtime so he pulled Morris to save him for a time like this.
The Rebels scored on the first play with a 10 yard run from Morris. The Rebel offense stayed on the field to go for two.
All eyes were on Morris in the backfield. Cole Copeland took the snap, stepped back, and fired the ball across field and the pass was caught for the win.
Rebels win in OT with 2 point conversion 14-13