NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Authorities say a carnival worker who is accused of touching two teenage girls at a festival in Louisiana has been arrested. News outlets report 20-year-old Cody Johnson, of Kewanee, Ill., is accused of inappropriately touching the victims while securing them into a ride Sunday at the Hurricane Festival, an annual fundraiser for the Cut Off Youth Center.

KENNER, La. (AP) — Authorities in the New Orleans area say a teenager has been arrested after he used a stun gun on a 7-year-old boy, causing burns and blisters to the boy’s back. News outlets report 19-year-old Kevin Alexis is accused of zapping the boy Friday. Alexis told police he was “playing around” when he grabbed a stun gun from his kitchen window and began chasing neighborhood children around with the device.

ST. FRANCISVILLE, La. (AP) — A Louisiana lawmaker wants to cut state money from the New Orleans Saints because some members of the football team sat during the national anthem. News media report that state Rep. Kenneth Havard says in a prepared statement that he believes in the right to protest _ but not at a state-subsidized sporting event. He says athletes should protest on their own time. State Rep. Ted James responded on Instagram that he wishes the Legislature were in session so he could fight the proposal.

MORGAN CITY, La. (AP) — A Louisiana State University doctoral student is hoping solar-powered GPS transmitters help her track down what sort of territory mottled ducks prefer for their nests. Elizabeth Bonczek tells The Daily Review that populations are declining along much of the upper Texas coastline, apparently due to habitat loss. But she says there’s very little known about what’s best for their nests. She says earlier studies had problems finding nests in southwest Louisiana’s vast marshes.